Friday, May 29, 2009

Fighter pilot as mystery reader

LCDR Clay Beers U.S. Navy Fighter Pilot visited our classroom this morning as a mystery reader. He read books about planes and showed the Super Kinders his flight uniform. The students really enjoyed his presentation and we hope he visits us again,

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Arlington National Cemetery

We took a trip to Arlington National Cemetery to view the changing of the guards. Students were able to ask questions of an actual guard and learned how to tap their shoes just like the soldiers do. We had a wonderful time.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Students build a magic farm

It is a house for animals and the animals are babies. There is also a guardian frog. His name is Fred the frog. The people who own the farm are named Mr. and Mrs. Lion. There is also a T.V. in there. The house has about 700 guards. The people who live there are all talking animals.

Gracie's Dragon art

"I made it with another art teacher named Ms. Roz. I made it with salt and liquid water colors. I wanted to put it on the blog because it is very big and it has dots and other things in it."-Gracie

Monday, May 18, 2009

Kinder Idol!

K has a beautiful voice and wanted to share it with her family and friends.  Here is K singing  one of her favorite songs from Spanish class.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Questions for the dinner table. 4/23/09

  • What is your Zoo project about with your 4th grade buddies?
  • Do you remember what the acrostic poem was about in literacy centers today?
  • Who was the parent volunteer?
  • Did anything special happen while you were having lunch in the cafeteria?
  • What animal did you research with your 4th grade buddy?
  • Can you name the three new puzzles that were in literacy centers this morning?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Group 4: The things we are learning in kindergarten.

We are learning math. We are learning to skip count by 2's to 40. We can't wait until the Zoo field trip on this Friday! We like kindergarten. It is awesome! We are learning about owls. We dissected owl pellets. They smelled a little bit bad. We found lots of bones, fur, and skulls in the pellets. Most people in our class found fur and bones. We are learning to add numbers. We learned how to tell time. We are going to learn about odd and even numbers. We like owls. We are going to the lunchroom for the first time today! We are doing a kindergarten performance at the end of the school year. We are singing "Who Let the Letters Out" by Dr. Jean. We had the hundredth day of school and it was fun!

Group 3: The things we are learning in kindergarten.

We dissected owl pellets. We learned that owls eat elephant shrews. We learned that our gecko eats his own skins when he molts. We are going to have a real owl visit kindergarten at Jamestown. We are going to have an a cappella concert on May 21st here at Jamestown. We want to raise money for leukemia. Cartoon Johnny will be at our concert. Mr.T's group Vox Pop will be there too. The DC Accidentals will be there too. Danny's dad is in DC Accidentals. Our new morning work is called Number Club. We practice writing numbers in Number Club. We will go to the Zoo on Friday with our 4th grade buddies. We will work on podcast at the Zoo.

Group 2: The things we are learning in kindergarten.

We are learning about owl pellets. We learned that owls eat mice. Owls can turn their heads 180 degrees. We are learning how to read. We read "The Little Red Hen" in our listening station. We have a leopard gecko named Spots. He likes to eat crickets. Spots is a reptile. He molts a lot! Today will be our first day eating our lunch in the cafeteria. We have literacy and open centers in our class. We started learning our song for the end of the year performance. It is called "Who Let the Letters Out" by Dr. Jean.

Group 1:The things we are learning in kindergarten.

We dissected owl pellets. It was really fun because we found bones and skulls. We have a leopard gecko. His name is Spots. He really likes us. We draw really cool pictures. We don't bring toys to school. Spring break was really fun. School is really fun. We are going to the Zoo on Friday, April 24th. We are having a Spring Fair on Saturday and we hope it will be lots of fun. Kindergarten rocks!